Drone technology becomes an ally for solar inspection specialists!

Solar inspections

The world’s population is irrefutably becoming progressively environmentally cognizant. Consumers and citizens are voicing their intensified consciousness by voting with both their votes and wallets for better waste reduction and cleaner energy sources.  Scientists claim that fossil-fuel supplies are shrinking, progressively more private and public sector establishments are resorting to renewable energy sources like wind […]

A detailed guide on orthomosaic maps and their prospective uses


Are you keen on learning about drones and aerial photography in India and filming? If yes, then you are sure to stumble across lots of new terms and axioms related to varied drone procedures. One of these is ‘orthomosaic’. An orthomosaic photo (also acknowledged as an orthophoto or orthoimage) refers to an aerial photograph that […]

Importance Of Drone Survey and Photography

Drone Surveying

The world is developing at a rapid rate and it is reflected by large acres of land converted to skyscrapers and what not. One has to be sure about the property worth millions of dollars, before buying. The buyer cannot have a look all over the land just by himself or herself. Here comes Drone […]