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First off

At this stage, we give our clients the freedom to be blunt while stating their requirements no matter how specific they may be.Attention is given to every minor detail. We carefully try to understand what exactly is the purpose of the video whether it is for external advertising or for training purpose, along with the duration of the video they would want.

Pre-Production/ Planning

At this stage, based on the requirements of the clients, we plan the future course of action and set the duration of the project. The equipment that we would use also gets finalised at this stage.


All the on-field action is carried out at this stage. Sincere efforts are made to ensure that all the pre-planned activities are executed in a flawless manner. We also ensure that the footage we capture doesn’t lack detail and beauty.


At this stage, we carry out the editing of the captured footage. Everything that, according to our client, is needless gets removed at this vital stage. We optimise the footage in such a way that it is compatible with all the devices irrespective of the size of their screen.


The immaculate footage is delivered to the client before the mutually decided deadline runs out.

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