Aerial Drone Photography In kerala
Capture the Beauty of nature through Aerial Drone Photography in Kerala

Aerial Drone Photography Services in Kerala:

The best photographs are mostly of the mountains and the beaches, and Kerala is one of the few states in India that happens to offer both. From the hills in Munnar to the shores of the Aleppey, Kerela provides a wide range of vistas. No wonder then that Aerial/Drone Photography in Kerala is so popular and because today it is such a well-known tourist spot in the country, the tourism department is always trying to capture the state at its best.  From the backwaters to the tea gardens, from the fishing villages to the paddy wheels, Kerala offers a Pandora’s Box of tourist spots, and although they can be very well captured from the ground level, a whole new dimension is added to it when achieved from the air.

Aerial/Drone Photography Services in Kerala initiated by has grown exponentially in the recent time for this reason. There has been a considerable influx of nature photographers who are no experimenting with aerial photography. Equipped with the latest cameras and drones, they are now capturing a facet of the state that did not experiment before, and it has done a lot to pique the interest of the travellers. The idea being that to present a wide panorama all at once from a bird’s eye view makes the viewer take in the beauty all at once. Moreover, with major cities in the state offering the best of technology, it is also quite easy to access and service the various drones that are used in this type of photography.

The Aerial/Drone Photography in Kerala photographs now feature in top magazines around the world, and this is not without reason. Kerala has seen a wide influx of foreign tourists in recent years, and much of the tourism in the state is dependent on them. The beaches offer spectacular views, and nothing entices a foreign traveller more than the opportunity of tanning. However, capturing the beach from over the waters was a cumbersome task before, and it meant that one had to hire a chopper. Now, this can be done by merely controlling a drone from the bank while the drone does all the work, with crystal clear images being transported back to the handheld device. Aerial photography has combined art and technology, and no place is better than the state of Kerala, with its marvellous sights.

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