Aerial surveys in India are used in cartography, topography, archaeology and GIS application. Some other services which come under this belt are aerial data collection, aerial inspection in all industries, roof inspections, industrial building inspections. It helps in providing information which is often difficult to see or measure from the ground.  Always opting for hi-tech graphic software to serve the clients with detailed and high-quality maps. Surveying not only involves the extremely precise measurement of spatial data but the information collected also plays a vital role in constructing land and offshore projects, whereas mapping includes a specialised department that produces different kinds of maps while using techniques like GIS.

An effective survey facilitates the planned construction on the singled out piece of land. Carrying out a survey is essential before the onset of construction. Accuracy can make a survey fruitful, and the lack of it can make a survey futile. Unlike, ground surveys, aerial surveys don’t consume a lot of time. Therefore, instead of relying on the land-based methods of photography, relying on their aerial counterpart for carrying out a survey is something that certainly makes a lot more sense.

aerial filming and photography for geography mapping and surveying

What makes Aerial Photography better than its conventional sibling?

Surveys carried out through land-based cameras are prone to inaccuracies whereas the ones carried out with the help of a drone is highly likely to be accurate in nature. With the help of sophisticated tools like ArcGIS and PIX4D, the aerial footage can easily be converted into 3D.

3D Maps versus Conventional Maps

The acquisition of awareness with the help of a 3D map is easier than doing the same with the help of a traditional map. Why? Because conventional maps lack elucidation and 3D maps are equipped with it in abundance.

Mapping and Surveying only help professionals in the real estate sector?

No, mapping and surveying help many mortals in many ways. For starters, surveying an area on a regular basis can easily make the law enforcement mortals of the concerned area aware of encroachments and any illegal construction so that it can be demolished as soon as possible. Aerial surveys make traffic management extremely easy. The flaws of the roads are clearly captured with the help of drone-mounted cameras, and consequently, averting accidents becomes easy. The impact of each and every natural disaster can also be easily studied in detail with the help of the pre and post-disaster aerial footage.

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