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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography in India is multiplying at an impressive pace in terms of popularity, and you can’t afford to be alien to this acclaimed method of capturing shots. This piece intends to enlighten you in this regard, and this is the reason why you should read on.

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial Photography refers to capturing shots from an elevated point. The very first successful session of Aerial Photography in the world was carried out in 1858 by Gaspard-Félix Tournachon in France with the help of a hot air balloon tethered at the height of 80 meters. Unfortunately, none of those photos has managed to survive to this day, but his name will always find a justified place in the books related to the history of Aerial Photography. There was a time when pigeons, kites or balloons were used for mounting the camera to the desired height. However, these days, most of the professionals across the globe either use a manned or an unmanned aircraft for the same purpose. It goes without saying that the former is more expensive than the latter, but by ensuring a few things, drones can capture equally good shots. The future of Aerial Photography, according to most of the professionals, is as glorious as its past was, and its present is.

Aerial Photography’s Impact in India

During the course of the last few years, Aerial Photography in India has succeeded in acquiring many takers since most of the people across the nation have realised that this acclaimed method of capturing shots is better than its land-based counterpart.

Drones are playing an important role in the growth of the following sectors:

1. Hotels and Resorts:

Drone-mounted cameras have made it easy for the business houses in the hospitality sector to tempt an impressive number of visitors towards their hotels and resorts.

2. Real Estate:

Owing to the same drones, tempting potential buyers towards a piece of land has also become easy.

3. Tourism:

Drones are also playing an important role in making India flooded with tourists by capturing stunning footage of its popular monuments, shrines and all other tourist destinations.

Drones are also sought for capturing:

1. Live Events:

Drones-mounted cameras are used for the telecast of live events to serve millions of people with footage that is invariably superlative in terms of quality.

2. Weddings:

Individuals across the globe have started to avail aerial photography and videography services for making their wedding memorable.

The ability of drones to capture impressive footage has tempted many professionals across the globe to use them while filming documentaries and mainstream movies.

How to ensure the perfect Aerial Shots through a drone?

A drone will serve you with excellent shots if you ensure that there is sufficient light in the area that you intend to capture with it. The ideal time for using a drone for photography and videography is just before the sunset. A lot of sunshine will be detrimental for the aerial shots in terms of quality. A drone will always disappoint you on days when it’s raining, snowing or windy out there. So, use your drone when the breeze is gentle, and the natural light is reasonable. The use of gimbals is highly recommended since they maximise the possibility of a shot being stable.

Coming across the ideal drone is easy

The duration for which a drone can stay airborne varies from model to model, and it either comes with or without a built-in camera. So, no matter how specific your need may be, coming across a drone that can fit the bill will always be easy.

A multitude of advanced drones are now up for grabs

Chinese giant DJI has succeeded in taking the level of Aerial Photography and Videography to an impressive height by coming up with advanced, intelligent and user-friendly drones for rookies and professionals. Such drones are equipped with advanced cameras that are capable of capturing photos and videos in 4K and before running out of juice, they stay airborne for a reasonable duration. The would-be flagship professional drone from the house of DJI goes by the name of Inspire 2 and is capable of capturing footage on 5.2K. It takes as less as 5 seconds to reach 0-80kph and has a top speed of a whopping 94kph. You can pre-order it from DJI’s official website or buy the current flagship that goes by the name of Inspire 1 from Amazon.

The following table shows the most advanced drones based on the duration for which they can stay airborne.

DJIPhantom 428 minutes
DJIINSPIRE 227 minutes
YuneecTYPHOON 4K25 minutes
Autel RoboticsX-star Premium25 minutes
3D RoboticsSOLO20 minutes
DJIINSPIRE 118 minutes

DGCA Guidelines for Aerial Photography in India

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has laid down the guidelines that must be complied with for operating drones in India. All the drones must have a Unique Identification Number issued by the DGCA. Drones in India should stay in the Visual Line of Sight and can’t fly in controlled airspace. Flying a drone at or above 200 feet above ground level in controlled airspace requires an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit awarded by the DGCA.

From where to avail aerial photography services?

AerialPhoto (Envent Digital Technologies) is equipped with a team of professionals who are capable of capturing stunning aerial photos and videos in high definition with the help of advanced drones. We give our clients the freedom to be blunt while stating their requirements and the footage we come up with doesn’t lack anything that it should possess. Envent offers superlative Aerial Photography and Videography services to the individuals and business houses at the most reasonable prices.

If Aerial Photography has fascinated you and a fruitful session of it is what you seek, please feel free to get in touch with us at a time of your convenience.

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