Aerial Photography in Kolkata (1400 X 320)
Aerial Photography in Kolkata

Kolkata, the third largest metropolitan city of India, is the most significant city of East India from Educational, Cultural and Commercial factors. Aerial Photography in Kolkata has a bright scope as Kolkata is located on the bank of Hooghly river, it becomes the only centre for business and makes it the third most productive area in India after Mumbai and Delhi. Aerial Photography is offering their services to private enterprises and government organisations. offers Aerial Photography in Kolkata which includes services like Drone Photography, Drone Filming, Virtual Tour Service etc. The latest drones are built to serve various business areas including Hotels and Resorts, Real Estate, Construction Sites as well as Survey services.

AerialPhoto offers the following Aerial Photography Services in Kolkata

Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy, is also a centre for Art and Cultural Events of East India. Drones can capture each detail to make these events memorable. Aerial Photography of Live Events records every activity of the event with the best quality also Drones can record 360 Degree Video to capture every point of detail with the surroundings. A 360 Degree Video can also be used to create a Virtual Tour of Real Estate Properties to impress your clients.

Drone Photography and Drone Filming is serving many core business sectors including Hotels and Resorts, Shopping Malls, Public Places and much more. Also, Drones can be further utilised for Surveillance and Security purposes.

For Construction Business, Aerial Photography in Kolkata offers Aerial Survey Services which includes Alignment Survey, Area Survey, Volumetric Survey to minimise the time required. Drone captures every minute detail with high-end cameras and sensors to maximise the accuracy of data. Thermal Survey, Solar Plant Survey can be done by using a thermal camera equipped with the drone. is one of the leading Aerial Service providers in India and is now ready to serve Kolkata with the best of Aerial Photography Services. A dedicated team of drone flyers and engineers is always prepared to complete their projects with client’s satisfaction.

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