Aerial Surveying of Solar Power Plants 1400 X 320
Aerial Surveying of Solar Power Plants

Aerial Photography of Solar Power Plants

The trend of Solar Energy is increasing rapidly, and many companies are investing in solar power plants. But, When it comes to its maintenance facility, operators are spending thousands of person-hours in inspecting and finding faults in the panels. These maintenance expenses affect the solar power pricing also advancement in technology has raised the competition in the market. Introduction of Drones maintained the balance as drones offer Aerial Surveying of Solar Power Plants.

For the survey of solar farms, Aerial Survey is first preferred choice by the most of the companies. Drones are equipped with high-resolution thermal cameras that can reveal the cracks and faults in your solar panels quickly and efficiently. Aerial Photography can inspect the darker regions of the solar panels and can also evaluate the non-working solar panels which are needed to be fixed.

We at provides you with the best of Aerial Surveying of Solar Power Plants. Latest Drones and a team of expert flyers and engineers are ready to help our client to find out the problems occurring in solar panels. Our drones are equipped with the high-resolution thermal camera along with 640X resolution which gives you crystal clear image. The defective panels give off more heat than standard panels. This temperature imbalance can be easily measured by thermal cameras and drones can reduce the time, i.e. in few hours, raw data is ready for the software.

The raw data is processed into the software to get the desired the product. The data can be used to find the defects, Hot Spots and cracks in the PV Module. Our survey experts process the data to get the best results. This way of detecting the flaws in the panels is relatively easy and cost-effective.

The details we keep in mind during the inspection:

1) We ensure the proper data capture by maintaining the backup.

2) We guarantee that you get radiometric images and you get control over temperature slider in FLIR tool.

3) We check for any gaps in the coverage.

We offer the best of Aerial Surveying of Solar Power Plants as is listed among the top companies which provide Aerial Survey in India.

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