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DJI Spark Drone – Quick Review, Price and Features

The most acclaimed drone-maker in the world DJI launched a new feature-rich mini-drone DJI Spark on Wednesday, May 24 at an event held in New York.

The most acclaimed drone-maker in the world DJI launched a new feature-rich mini-drone DJI Spark on Wednesday, May 24 at an event held in New York. While looking at it, it is highly likely that you may feel that the SPARK isn’t capable of doing a lot of tempting things. However, while going through its specifications in the following lines, you will be pleasantly surprised in this regard.

DJI Spark Intro Video:

The DJI SPARK flaunts the following features:


The DJI SPARK is equipped with an intelligent FaceAware technology that enables it to recognise its user before taking off.

DJI Spark FaceAware feature - 629 x 357
DJI Spark FaceAware


The ActiveTrack technology enables the DJI SPARK to automatically recognise all the objects in proximity irrespective of their shape and size. Consequently, tracking becomes extremely trustworthy and easy.

DJI Spark ActiveTrack feature - 629 x 357
DJI Spark ActiveTrack

Gesture (Palm control):

The DJI SPARK can effortlessly capture shots according to the command that it receives by your hand gestures like waving your hand or raising your arms.

DJI Spark Gesture Palm Control feature - 629 x 357
DJI Spark Palm control

SHALLOWFOCUS (Automatic Depth of Field):

The DJI SPARK allows its 3D vision technology to come into play for coming up with a shallow depth of field.

DJI Spark Shallow Focus with Automatic depth of field feature - 629 x 357
DJI Spark Shallow Focus (Automatic Depth of Field)

3D Sensing System:

The 3D Sensing System helps the DJI SPARK to sense the obstacles that are as much as 16 feet away.

The ability of the DJI SPARK to capture shots through hand gestures eliminates the need of carrying your smartphone or the remote controller for doing the same. While flying in the Sport mode, the DJI SPARK can hit the mark of 31 mph. The DJI SPARK is capable of staying airborne for as much as 16 minutes, and it can cover the range of as much as 1.2 miles when connected to a remote.

DJI Spark 3D Sensing System - 737 x 552
3D Sensing system

The DJI SPARK is capable of taking off from and landing on your palm.

DJI Spark Land on Palm - 629 x 357
DJI Spark can Land on your Palm

The QuickShot feature of the DJI SPARK makes it possible for the users to capture detailed videos by just a tap. The Rocket mode makes the SPARK ascend while ensuring that the camera points downward. The Dronie mode makes the SPARK fly backward and upward while keeping the camera towards the subject. The Circle mode, needless to say, makes the SPARK circle the subject. The Helix mode makes the SPARK fly upwards while swirling around the subject.

DJI Spark Quick Shot Technology - 389 x 193
DJI Spark Quick Shot Technology

Can the DJI SPARK carry out a fruitful session of Drone Photography?

Yes, the DJI SPARK will always treat your eyes with excellent aerial photos and videos. The 12-megapixel camera onboard captures stunning photos, and the 1080p videos are captured through the DJI SPARK are invariably rich in terms of detail. The stability of each and every shot captured through the DJI SPARK owes its all to the 2-axis mechanical gimbal that comes bundled with it.

DJI Spark drone with remote
DJI Spark with Remote

Competitors of the DJI SPARK:

The DJI SPARK will lock horns with formidable drones like Hover Passport and Yuneec Breeze.

Hover Camera Passport Drone - 700 x 400
Hover Camera Passport Drone
yuneec breeze 4K drone - 737 x 400
Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone

How much money do you need to shed for buying the DJI SPARK?

The DJI SPARK wears the price tag of a reasonable price tag of $499. By adding $200 to this amount, you can buy a fly more combo package. You can pre-order the SPARK from the official website of DJI and shipping of the same is likely to begin in a matter of ten days from now.

You have the option of getting in touch with the professional team of to know everything about the DJI SPARK and all other drones that are up for grabs across the length and breadth of the world.

DJI Spark Price: USD $499
DJI Spark Fly More Combo Price: USD $699

DJI Spark Fly more combo includes the following:
Spark – Propeller Guard
Spark – Quick-release Folding Propellers
Spark – Intelligent Flight Battery
Spark & Mavic – Shoulder Bag
Spark (Alpine White)
Spark – Battery Charging Hub
Spark – Remote Controller

DJI Spark available Colours:

DJI Spark is available in 5 colours:

  • Alpine White
  • Sky Blue
  • Meadow Green
  • Lava Red
  • Sunrise Yellow

DJI Spark Key Specs:

Maximum Flight Time: 16 minutes
Max Speed: 50 km/h (in sports mode)
Transmission Distance: 2 Km
VPS range: 30 m
Camera: 12 Megapixel
Video Resolution: FHD 1920×1080 30p
Image Size: 3968×2976
143 x 143 x 55 mm
Take Off Weight: 300 grams

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