3 Amazing Drone Photography Tips for Astounding Real Estate Views

aerial photography

To get a perfect shot is very important for a photographer. Drone photography is something which is gaining a boost in the photography industry and becoming a mainstream as drones are simple to operate and the resulting photos are very different from the photographs which we get from normal photography techniques. These aerial photographs fascinates […]

Aerial Photography in Hyderabad

Aerial Photography in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Nizam’s, is one of the ancient cities of India, Archaeologists unearthed iron age properties that may date from 500 BCE. At present, Hyderabad is the capital of two states, i.e. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and now competing with Bangalore and Chennai for the Crown of IT Capital of India. The ancient […]

Aerial Photography Pune

aerial photography pune

Aerial Photography in Pune: Pune is the eighth most populous city in India and ranked second in Maharashtra. It is also the most rapidly growing city in Asia-Pacific region. The rapid growth of industries in the last decade is continuous, and the growth rate is increasing w.r.t. Time. The services of Aerial Photography in Pune […]

Aerial Photography Kerala

erial photography kerala

Kerala, a land of palm-lined beaches & wide sandy beaches, is the most admired place from the tourism point of view & introduction of Aerial Photography in Kerala revealed its real beauty. A full land covered with the magic of nature and emerald backwater, lush hill stations and numerous small islands provide many scenic attractions […]

Aerial Photography in Gurgaon

Aerial Photography Gurgaon

Aerial Photography in Gurgaon is snowballing as this Millennium City has found another way to describe itself. Gurgaon has become the leading industrial hub, & has been home to several beautiful architecture building in the wide range of styles with modern planning. With Advanced photography, these views are becoming even more fascinating and delightful. Aerial […]

DJI Spark Drone – Quick Review, Price and Features

DJI Spark Land on Palm - 629 x 357The most acclaimed drone-maker in the world DJI launched a new feature-rich mini-drone DJI Spark on Wednesday, May 24 at an event held in New York. While looking at it, it is highly likely that you may feel that the SPARK isn’t capable of doing a lot of tempting things. However, while going through its [...]

Hasselblad 100 Mega Pixel Camera A6D-100C for Aerial Photography in India

Hasselblad A6D 100MP aerial photography camera image front - 590 x 433

One of the most acclaimed camera makers of the world Hasselblad has come up with a formidable camera to take Aerial Photography at a height that has remained unattained till now. What makes the all-new camera from the house of the Swedish giant special is its 100 MegaPixel sensor. The camera goes by the name […]