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3 Amazing Drone Photography Tips for Astounding Real Estate Views

These aerial photographs fascinate people as it gives a glimpse of the beauty our planet holds.

To get a perfect shot is very important for a photographer. Drone photography is something which is gaining a boost in the photography industry and becoming a mainstream as drones are simple to operate and the resulting photos are very different from the photographs which we get from normal photography techniques. These aerial photographs fascinates people as it gives a glimpse of the beauty our planet holds. You may have come across many advices and tips if you are thinking of doing drone photography or hiring someone for doing aerial photography for your business. But nobody knows these 3 amazing tips which can help you in drone photography for getting astounding real estate photographs:

1. Choose the Right View

It is a very intuitive point if you have drone. You encounter very different views when you use a drone for photography which is a great advantage for using the drone as it provides different shots, perspective etc. There are three major views you can get:-

  • Top-Down view- it provides options to manipulate and play with symmetry and patterns.

  • Oblique View- with a 45-degree angle you can a lot of depth and perspective in your image covering a broad area or a chain of landscapes.

  • Horizontal view- Provides horizontal image but with the benefit of getting more height than your normal camera height.

2.Plan an Effective Shooting Schedule

Planning a schedule plays an important role in conducting any kind of shoot. You don’t want any kind of problem on the day of shoot whether it is related to weather or getting the permission of conducting the shoot. Windy or rainy weather can lead to instability in the drone whereas sunny or mildly cloudy day can give you the best results of the photography.

Other aspects to keep in mind can be related to the special features or areas of the house or estate which can increase the beauty of the photo like lawns, gardens, fountains etc. And make sure that the area to be captured is clean without any equipments or any other things which can affect the quality of the photo. Make sure that the drone and other equipments are working properly for the big day to capture the great quality of photos.

Some of the basic questions used for planning are:-

  • Which kind of shots do you want to take?
  • What time frame do you have for conducting the shoot?
  • Are there any distinctive features of the house which can be included in the shot? What is the weather report for the week when the shoot has to be conducted? etc.

3. Choose the Perfect Time of the Day

For capturing photos natural lighting is considered best as it makes various features of the house look better and results in high quality of photos.

Below are some of the tips which can help in choosing the right time for the shoot :

  • Avoid getting shadows of the drones during early morning or evening shoots as it ruins the photos.
  • To get high quality of top-down photos noon is considered as the right time so that no shadows fall on the house.
  • The choice of right time also depends on the type of photo you want to capture like some houses may look beautiful in the early morning as the sun rays falling makes some of its features sparkle while others can make use of the background or the sunset to enhance their house features in order to get an amazing or perfect shot.

There are many companies which provide drone or aerial photography services in India but If you want to get the best results with high quality of the footage and want to know more about these services I think you should visit as they spent enough time to study or analyze your project and provide you the most effective method or options to build your brand as well as helps in generating revenues.

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