drone mapping and 3d modelling India

Maps are always a way to store huge information in minimal size, but what if you will have a 3D map or model anytime, anywhere on your device. AerialPhoto has launched an initiate Drone Mapping and 3D Modelling in India.

Introducing 3D Maps & 3D Model, a digital way to store area information in your device and accessible all over the globe at any moment. Drones are equipped with laser scanners, which scans & creates a point cloud of some specific points in 3-D space which transferred in a compatible software to create a real-time 3-D Model.

Drone 3D Mapping in India:

“A map having a precise picture of size, height & depth”, the most straightforward explanation of 3D mapping. Aerial Photo serves the service Drone 3D Mapping in India at a readily acceptable price. 3D mapping will help visitors, customers, real estate property owners and some of the government organisation. A video is recorded of the surroundings which give an idea of the actual thing describing its size, height and depth.

Drone 3D Modelling in India:

3D Modelling of an area or property is a process of creating objects by using cloud points in any compatible software. 3D Mapping and 3D Modelling is very similar to each other, i.e. there is no fundamental difference, the even same technology works for both purposes, but some extra aerial shots are required for 3D modelling. Drone or Aerial 3D Modelling in India is gathering its crowd rapidly.

Application of Drone Mapping and 3D Modelling in India:

Drone Mapping and 3D Modelling serves many businesses of the world. Construction, Mining & Inspection are the primary clients of this service. The same recorded data can also be used to create 3D Point Cloud, Digital Surface & Terrain Model, Orthomosaic, Volume Calculation, Contour Lines and much more. The software requirement varies for each application.

AerialPhoto is one of the leading companies in Drone Services in India. We offer a number of services at a reasonable price. Drone Mapping and 3D modelling are one of our service served by professionals in their field and with newest technologies. The only aim is to satisfy our client desires by giving best of us.

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