Is Drone Mapping in India Helping in Making Better Survey Decisions?

Drone Mapping is a very advanced way of mapping a region, and it is very different from a regular map that one would buy at a store. In fact, the drone mapping technology was first tested for military operations, where exact and precise information is needed for a particular landscape which is to be searched and operated. Drone Mapping in India is being used for survey work, for scouting locations of prospective projects and even for archaeological purposes. Traditional mapping systems have been in use for a long time, and while they were not wholly inaccurate by any measure, it took a lot of extra time, effort and money to be able to gather that level of information.

A regular map is flat, and technically, this one is too, when seen on a screen. However, it is called 3D mapping because the images are rendered in the way as one would see them in person, captured from a height. It is a precise picture, and it has the depth that one considers as if one is examining them right in front of their eyes. All the natural components of the terrain are captured with their exact shape and form, the buildings and monuments in the vicinity. The image is completed by a host of other information like thermographic data, agricultural counting systems as required in specific fields of agriculture or to gauge the extent and magnitude of an under construction township. Drone Mapping in India has made the process a lot more cost-effective and almost flawless images are produced by investing less time and money.

Technology like photogrammetry is used extensively for drone mapping services which are the art of taking measurements from pictures. Orthomosaics is another technology that is used for creating 3D maps which uses a combination of processes like adjusting the image automatically to suit the topographic relief, tilting of the camera and the lens distortion needed to include or exclude specific aspects. Even if the images are captured in parts for greater clarity, the mosaics technology helps in stitching together those multiple images into a single one seamlessly, and the final result is flawless. Today much of the land-related projects in India and around the world like land management and urban planning is done with this technology and services like AerialPhoto.in are pitching in with all their resources.

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