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Surveying is the first essential step for any business model & India is introducing himself as a new business platform for multinational companies. Initiation of Drone Engineering Survey in India is a revolutionary service offered by Aerial Photo & served all over the nation. Engineering surveys play a significant role in most of the business fields by collecting the pre-required information to start a project, i.e. soil survey, Area Survey, LiDAR Survey, Contour Maps and many more. Even Drone engineering survey can also be used for planning and management purposes.

Survey Services offered by Drone Engineering Survey in India:

Engineering Surveying services play a significant role in every sector of government & private business projects. Engineering survey can easily gather Pre-information required to start a project for a particular area. Executing the same investigations with the help of drones is much quicker, smoother & more informative. The level of accuracy is very high and details collected can be accessed easily. A list of significant drone engineering survey sectors is below:

  • LiDAR Survey
  • Orthophoto Projection
  • GIS Survey
  • Alignment Survey
  • Distance/Area/Volumetric Survey
  • 3-D Mapping & Modelling
  • Topographical Survey
  • RTK Survey
  • Gas & Oil Pipeline Survey
  • Land Survey
  • Stockpile Analysis

Automation is on the peak, and everybody is looking for it. Merging the engineering survey and drones is the next generation step to overcome the problems occur in ground surveying. The limitations of ground surveying are solved because drones can fly over any place without any problems. The advancement in drone technology is attracting everyone to fulfil their dreams.

We at Aerialphoto.in empowering Drone Engineering Survey in India. An experienced team equipped with the latest technology are ready to go all over the nation to fulfil your specific needs. Our drone services can be availed by Surveyors, Project Planner & Project Consultants, Government Organisation Authorities, Land Administrators, Mining Companies etc. We provide very cost-effective service, as well as the satisfaction of the client, is our primary target.

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    5 Responses

    1. Please mentioned detail break up charges.

      1. Geotagged Orthophotos ( Area 5.5 SQ km )

      2. Points Clouds

      3. Post Processing Charges ( if Any ) –

      Note – How much time taken to deliver the data , is it deliver to your
      lab or on ground processing facilities. Images required are .tiff format.

      1. Dear Sir,

        Thank you for contacting AerialPhoto, We have sent you an email regarding your query.

    2. Drone technology has brought change in civil engineering. It is helping surveyors to get the calculations done easily and with accuracy.

    3. Hi, We need an aerial mapping of around 250 acres of land. The site is located at shadnagar (The site is around 70kms from Hyderabad airport)
      Please send me your quotation and all the deliverables which would be included. Plus how many days (approx) it would take for you to complete this project end to end.


      1. Orthosomaic.
      2. Terrian Model
      3. Contour map
      Here are the things I want to know in addition:

      1. Which mapping software you use?
      2. Which drone model will you be using?
      3. Any permission to be taken for this?

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