DJI, the leading brand in aerial photography & drone world, has introduced a miraculous, state of the art DJI MAVIC AIR. This technology is surprisingly ahead of its competitors. A revolutionary multi-dimensional foldable and easily portable design tempts every drone lover. While going through its features, maybe you can realise its total potential. Let’s have a look:

DJI Mavic Air Intro Video:
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The Following features are in the showcase of DJI MAVIC AIR:

  • 32 MP Sphere Panoramic Camera

DJI Mavic Air is capable of creating a 32 MP spherical image by combining 25 pictures and it takes a very precise time, i.e. just eight seconds.

DJI Mavic Air 32 MP Sphere Panoramas
32 MP Sphere Panoramas
  • New Foldable and Portable Design

The stunningly new design of this drone surprises the most. It makes the Mavic Air ultraportable and extends the boundaries of Drone Photography.

DJI Mavic Air Folded
DJI Mavic Air Folded
  • 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera

The mechanical 3-axis gimbal introduced in DJI Mavic Air reduces the angular vibrations, and a steady, smooth picture can be captured without any problem.

Mavic Air 3-axis Gimbal
Mavic Air 3-axis Gimbal
  • 3-Directional Environment Sensing

For the very first time, a drone is introduced with a three-dimensional sensing system, i.e. a safer and smoother flight. Mavic Air can detect obstacles in Forward, Backward and Downward direction very effectively.

3-D Environment Sensing
3-D Environment Sensing
  • Internal Storage

“Forgot your memory card at home, no worries”  DJI Mavic comes up with inbuilt storage of 8 GB. So you can take shots anywhere, anytime without any problem.

  • Foldable Remote Controller:

The remote controller of Dji Mavic Air has some stylish look and inspire a new packaging technique with safety.

[sc_video style=”12″ video_src=”″ image_src=”11722″ width=”629″ height=”357″]
[sc_quote] The Quick-Shot feature in DJI Mavic Air is an updated version available in DJI SPARK. Two more quick shots are added in this update[/sc_quote]

Astroid Shot

Makes the Mavic fly around you & captures the surroundings


Makes the Mavic Air capture a shot while gradually increasing its height in an elliptical manner.

DJI MAVIC AIR Market Price:

DJI Mavic Air is globally available at a market price of $799, and an addition of extra $200 will bring you DJI MAVIC AIR with its fly more combo pack. You can buy DJI MAVIC AIR at official DJI Stores.

The fly more combo includes:

  • 2 Extra Flight Batteries
  • 2 Extra Pairs of Propellers
  • 1 Battery Charging Hub
  • 1 Battery to Power Bank Adapter
  • 1 Travel Bag

DJI MAVIC AIR Available Colors:

  • Arctic White
  • Onyx Black
  • Flame Red
[sc_image style=”1″ position=”centered” width=”280″ height=”166″ src=”11714″ alt=”Onyx Black”]
[sc_image style=”1″ position=”centered” width=”280″ height=”166″ src=”11713″ alt=”Flame Red”]
[sc_image style=”1″ position=”centered” width=”280″ height=”166″ src=”11712″ alt=”Arctic White”]

DJI MAVIC AIR Key Features:

  1. Maximum Flight Time: 21 minutes
  2. Max Speed: 68.4 km/h (in sports mode)
  3. Transmission Distance: 4 Km
  4. Camera: 12 Megapixel and 32 MP Spherical Camera
  5. Video Resolution: FHD 1920×1080 @120p
  6. Image Size: 4056×3040 pixels
  7. Take Off Weight: 430 grams
  8. Internal Storage: 8 GB
  9. 3D Sensing System Range:
    • Forward: 0.5 m – 24 m
    • Backward: 0.5 m – 20 m
    • Downward: 0.1 m – 8 m
  10. Dimensions
    • Folded: 168*83*49 mm
    • Unfolded: 168*184*64 mm

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