Aerial Photography in India (Drone Photography in India)
Drone Photography in India

If one tries to list down the many historical and architectural wonders in India, then it would be a rather exhaustive list. India is recognised as one of the fastest developing nations today and has already become a power to be reckoned with as more and more investors look forward to investing here. One of the best ways of convincing them is to give them a bright and hopeful future of the prospects that this country can provide and Drone Photography in India can help capture some of its most stunning vistas. It is being used most successfully in areas like real estate and construction, tourism, event management, mapping and surveying work while scouting for new locations and preparing 360-degree virtual tours. In all these areas, Drone photography has become indispensable because of the bird’s eye perspective it offers.

Apart from the major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, Drone Photography Services in India has also made its foray into the smaller towns. Event management companies are using it to the best advantage, especially when there are events organised in out of the way exotic locales like destination weddings. Live concerts and open-air events are also captured beautifully, the photos and videos of which are then also used for future reference and as memorabilia for the clients. With investors looking for new areas of development, mapping and surveying various regions of the country has also become a crucial aspect. From inspecting the terrain to gauging how disasters may strike, such surveys can go a long way in determining the economic viability of a region.

Drone Photography in India introduced by is also extensively used for the real estate development sector and to record the construction process. India has finally entered the high- rise boom and international real estate giants are bringing their projects to the country. With Drone photography, it is now far more comfortable to capture images of the construction process from a vantage point or offer the prospective clients an overview of the vistas they could encounter on completion. With some of the most advanced drones in the world now available here, mounted with high definition cameras, one can click images from great heights which would have quite impossible to capture otherwise. And this is going to open new chapters of progress in the country.

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    1. The biggest problem with drone photography is the lack of proper guidelines by the government and a lack of a body that regulate it. I did some research on this for a journal recently and found that there are no elements in place to even help those who are interested in drone and photography. But it definitely is not hindering people from doing what they want.

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